Quarter 1 Goals


The year 2018 is FINALLY upon us! Aaaah! And I couldn’t be more excited, because IT’S PUBLICATION YEAR!!

*does happy dance*

But on a serious note, I decided that I am going to start this whole monthly goal thing because I’ve got a lot to do this year and a short attention span to accomplish it all. Work has been hectic (I’m a teacher…when is it not? lol), but I am determined (with a capital D) to live as fulfilling a year as possible, given everything that has to get done this year. With that being said, I’ve fashioned a list of goals that will not only help me get some serious work done, but also leave room for me to work some fun into my schedule. For all intents and purposes, I’m going to keep this list short, because I fear that making the list too long is setting myself up for failure. (more…)