CCR Day 5: My Top 3 Favorite Books and Book Series

Hello! Welcome back for Day 5 of the Countdown to my Cover Reveal for Wrong in All the Right Ways! Today I'm going to be discussing my favorite stand-alone books and book series, so let's get started. (more…)

CCR Day 6: Ten Facts About Tiff

Hey Hey Hey! Welcome to the Day 6 post for the Countdown to my Cover Reveal series. Today I'm giving you 10 facts about me, the author of Wrong in All the Right Ways. Here we go! (more…)

CCR Day 7: Tiffany’s Favorite Things

Hello! So with only 7 days left until the Cover Reveal of Wrong in All the Right Ways, I decided that I would do a Fast Five (for those of you who've read Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon, you'll get the reference) of my favorite things. Minor side note: Even though I love to read, I have not included books in this list (*gasp!*), but that's because 1) I have way too many favorites to narrow down to just one, and 2) I plan on revealing that list to you guys in a later post for the countdown. Anyway, without further ado, I give you: Tiffany's Favorite Things (Fast Five Edition). (more…)

CCR Day 8: Who Am I?

Hi! Here's your Day 8 post for the Countdown to the Cover Reveal of Wrong in All the Right Ways! Today's topic is: Who Am I? I mean, by now, I'm sure you understand that I am the author of WIATRW, but up to this point, I haven't really told you much about myself, except that I wrote a book. But that's the purpose of this blog post! To let you see just a snippet of who I really am. The woman behind the book, if you will. (more…)

CCR Day 9: How I “Get ‘er Done”

Hi! I'm back for Day 9 of my Countdown to the Cover Reveal series, and today's CCR topic is: My Writing Process! When it comes to the art of writing, there are many different methods to the madness. One the one hand, you can be a planner. These type of people write up elaborate outlines and do character profiles. On the other hand, you can say "What the hell!" and dive right in without any planning. These (masochistic?) people are known as "pantsers in the writing world. And as much as I believe that these extremes exist in the writing world today, I know for a fact that I belong to neither of them. No. I believe that there is a happy medium between these two extremes, a place that I like to call, "The Sweet Spot." This is where I live. (more…)