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CCR Day 4: Things I Love to Hate


And welcome back to the Countdown to my Cover Reveal of Wrong in All the Right Ways, my debut novel, that is coming out July 17, 2018. Today’s topic is one of my favorite things to talk about: My Top 5 Things That I Love to Hate. Actually hate is a strong word so how about this: My Top 5 Things That I Love to Dislike…that doesn’t have the same ring to it, but you know what I mean. Anyway, let’s get started!

#5 Peas

Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetables, but I cannot stand peas. I just can’t! My mother used to make me eat them as a kid, and I used to sit at the dinner table for hours trying to finish my single-serving of peas. Give me any vegetable, and I will eat it with no problem. Broccoli, corn, carrots, asparagus, green beans, zucchini, radishes…you name it! But not peas. Anything, but peas, please!

#4 Coffee

I know! I know! I just lost my Writer Card, but I am a tea enthusiast (herbal, specifically) and I always will be. Coffee has this bitter taste that I just cannot get over. And I don’t get how something that smells so good can taste so bad. It’s this huge mystery to me! I will say, though, the closest that I will ever get to liking coffee is the Vanilla Bean Frap from Starbucks, but that’s it. It doesn’t taste like coffee to me, so I will drink those things all day (not really, because all of that sugar is probably really bad for me, but you know what I mean). Anyway, regular coffee…nope, nope, and triple nope.

#3 Mardi Gras

So, for those of you who are sitting there like “What’s Mardi Gras?” I’m going to fill you in. In a nutshell, it’s a holiday/carnival season in which people are supposed to feast, drink and party hard before they have to start fasting for Lent. Most states don’t celebrate Mardi Gras at all, but because of its French roots, Louisiana is like Party Central for this holiday. There are parades every other day throughout the entire month, lots of drinking and heavy eating, and just an overabundance of people everywhere. Okay, history lesson over. So, now I’m sure you’re wondering why I dislike this holiday, right? Well, besides the fact that I’m an introvert and as an introvert, I think the high-spirited atmosphere of Mardi Gras sucks all of my energy away, I hate the traffic that accompanies this season. I joke around and say that it’s as if the whole city shuts down for Mardi Gras, and while this is is an obvious exaggeration, it’s what it feels like. There is literally one way in the city and one way out, so if you better hope that you don’t get caught behind parade traffic. It sucks, trust me. I actually like to get out of the city during Mardi Gras. Somewhere quiet and relaxing. The rest of the city can party, but I’m always set on getting the heck up out of there during Carnival Season. It’s just a bit too energetic for me.

#2 Other People’s Driving

Let’s get this straight: I am a control freak, and driving is at the top of my list of things I like to be in control of. Now, I don’t work for the DMV or anything, but I think that they need to make their driver’s tests harder because I’m starting to realize that people just don’t know how to drive anymore. And I’m not sure if this is just a New Orleans thing, but people run lights and stop signs and break all kinds of driving laws like it’s nobody’s business. I’m a stickler for the rules, so it really bothers me when people drive recklessly. Like, we’re in a car (a METAL car that could crush us!) and people drive as if they’re invincible and nothing bad can happen to them, and that’s not true at all. I just wish people put more care into their driving. It would definitely ease the anxiety I feel whenever I get behind the wheel of my car.


I don’t what it is about spiders, but they just make my skin crawl! I’ve been afraid of them my whole life and that’s not going to go away anytime soon. I can’t explain this one. That’s just the way it is, and nothing more needs to be said.

Well there you have it. My list of things I love to hate…I mean, dislike. Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of the Countdown to the cover reveal of Wrong in All the Right Ways!


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