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CCR Day 3: The Great John Green


Welcome back to the Countdown to my Cover Reveal blog series. With only three days left until I reveal the cover of my debut novel, Wrong in All the Right Ways, I figure it’s probably time to tell you guys where I get my inspiration from. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

I can’t say that I get my inspiration solely from one or two authors because pretty much every author of every book that I’ve ever read has been an inspiration to me in some form or another. But, in this blog post, I will be talking about one author in general, and his name is John Green. In fact, John Green is such an inspiring writer that I think he should have “The Great” precede his name, so for the rest of this post, he shall be known as “The Great John Green.”

Anyway, I’ve been a fan of The Great John Green’s work even before he became super popular—I’d read both An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska back when I was in high school (approximately 2006)—and I think it’s because I’ve followed his journey from a debut author to a big-time author that I appreciate him so much. He has always been the standard to me, and is even more so now that he is as popular as he is now.

It’s something about the way he puts words in the mouths of his teenage characters that makes me fall in love with his writing every single time I read a novel with his name on the cover. And trust me, I’ve read his novels many MANY times. But it never fails. It doesn’t matter how many times I read his books, I’m still in awe that he can manipulate words and create stories as touching as they are. I mean, I still cry every single time I read The Fault in Our Stars, and I laugh until I cry whenever I read Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines. And he’s still doing it! I’m in the middle of his latest, Turtles All the Way Down, and I’m figuring out all over again that The Great John Green is just…well…great!

My parents used to ask me what I was going to be when I grow up, and as a sassy three-year-old, I used to answer “I’m going to be somebody”—as in someone worth remembering—but now, if someone asked me who I want to be, I’d probably say “a female version of The Great John Green.” He inspires me to be a better reader and writer. Inspires me to find my heartbreakingly hilarious writer voice and use it to change the world because that exactly what he does. And I’ll say, he’s pretty damn good at it…I mean, great. He’s pretty damn great at it haha!


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